Midjourney AI Art 

Midjourney AI Art generator is an online platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate AI-generated images. 


How to Create Synthetic AI Art With Midjourney

Midjourney is a tool that can be used to create synthetic AI art. It is based on the idea of using artificial intelligence to generate new images from scratch by learning from a dataset of existing images (i.e the internet). The aim is to create something that looks like it could have been created by a human artist but with the help of machine learning.

To use Midjourney you first need to sign up to both Midjourney and Discord. Then you just need to give the AI a prompt for it to imagine! These should be specific instructions such as ‘create an image that contains a tree and a house’. or ‘ Imagine the mona lisa as a cow’

The results of Midjourney are often interesting and sometimes surprising. It is a great way to explore the potential of artificial intelligence in art.

How much does Midjourney cost?

Midjourney is a subscription-based service that costs $10 or $30 per month. $10 gets you roughly 200 images and $30 gets you unlimited images.

Who owns art created by AI?

The legal status of art created by artificial intelligence (AI) is currently unsettled. In most jurisdictions, copyright law does not expressly address the question of who owns works created by AI. This leaves open the possibility that AI-created works could be copyrighted under the current system. However, there are some significant challenges to this approach. First, it is unclear whether AI-created works would meet the originality requirements for copyright protection. Second, even if AI-created works are eligible for copyright protection, it is uncertain whether the copyright would be held by the creator of the AI program or by the person who owns the AI system. Midjourney states that everything created by their AI is essesntialy open and copy left.

Can I use AI generated art for commercial use

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering using AI-generated art for commercial purposes. First and foremost it is important to check the licensing of the work. Some artists who create AI-generated art may not allow it to be used for commercial purposes. Additionally it is important to consider how the art will be used. If it will be used in a way that could be seen as an endorsement of a product or service it is important to make sure that the art is not misleading or offensive in any way.

AI art vs human Art

There is a big debate in the art world about whether art created by AI can be considered “real” art. Some people believe that AI art is simply a copy of what humans have already created, while others believe that AI art is its own unique form of expression. There are a few key differences between AI art and human art:

– AI art is created by algorithms while human art is created by humans.
– AI art often incorporates elements of chance while human art is more intentional.
– AI art can be generated infinitely while human art is finite.

Ultimately whether or not you believe AI art is “real” art is a matter of opinion. However, there is no doubt that AI has changed the landscape of the art world and it will be interesting to see how it continues to evolve in the future.

What is the future of AI art

The future of AI art is difficult to predict. Some experts believe that AI will eventually surpass human artistic ability, while others believe that AI will always be limited by its lack of creativity and imagination. It is possible that AI will become increasingly involved in the creation of art, as it has already begun to do with music and literature. It is also possible that AI will help humans to create new types of art that would not be possible without the use of technology.

What kind of art can Midjourney AI create?

Midjourney AI creates art that is inspired by the world around us, infact it can only create art based on teh art of humnas, for now!  The AI algorithm analyzes the text input and creates a piece of art that are unique to that particular input. The algorithm takes into account the style, the objects mentioned, the colours referenced, the shapes and patterns that it sees and creates a composition that is intended to fit with the input given. 

Midjourney AI Art Conclusion

Ai art is new and the images being created are rather spectacular. Will the future of art be AI, I think not. The human imagination is, I hope, un- replicable.  However, this new tool, is lots of fun and  experimentation with AI art generation can lead to some suprising inspiration. Have a go and see what you think. 

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Midjourney Examples

USER: Andste

Promt: a full page concept designs of human skull, steampunk blueprint, intricate details, ink on blue paper, scientific, Highly detailed labeled, poster, Peter Mohrbacher


USER: TheChiller86

Promt: portrait of a ninja raccoon phoenix hybrid, cinematic, mist, haze, photo realistic, dramatic backround, detailed + octane render + unreal engine 5


User: SIMSIM314

Prompt: An astronaut riding a horse on Mars, drawn by a 5 year old Kandinsky in color pencils